About Us

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We are a union of over 2 dozen aviaiton experts spanning from all over the landscape. Our backgrounds range from lawyers and pilots, to ramp workers and FBO operators.

Founded in 1983 by Henry Robinson, a small town light aircraft manufacturer, Robinson Lobbyists for Sport Aircraft have long since developped as a motive force in light aviation change. It all began when the now passed Mr. Robinson was told by a county official that he was not allowed to fly the aircraft he had built over his own land out in the rural area in Alabama. This resulted in a clash that would continue to this day as hobbyists all over the country face the same dilemma. Luckily, Mr. Robinson had the finances of multiple light aircraft manufacturing companies at his back and since then he has led the charge to put hobbyists aviation back in the hands of the people.

Since then, RLSAIR has changed many of its goals but has kept the idea the same. Where the original group of founders wanted full release of private aviation control, we now understand how much of a benefit some leadership can provide. However, here at RLSAIR we also believe there is a fine line between dictatorship and leadership and we are trying to steer this government back on the right side of that line. Our goals are to provide a safe and effective atmosphere to encourage the growth of the aviation community.

Our Goals

A brief summary of our goals and mission.

  • More Pilots with more e xperience.
  • Less regulation to restrict our current pilots.
  • A more effective management of maintenance to lower costs.
  • A reduction in the costs of training in the form of reduced oversight.


When I attended the first meeting I had no clue what to expect. As an employed pilot, I have spent more than my fair share of time at union conferences... so I expected the worst. However, I quickly learned what an effective group of enthusiasts this is. They are truly proud to be pilots or proud to be in the aviation field and everyone seemed to want to do whatever it takes to make the community stronger and larger.

James - Airbus Pilot