Allowing Americans to fly as they wish.

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We are a non-profitable group of pilots, lawyers, and aviation enthusiasts looking to modernize the way that the congress and the judiciary in the US look at sport aircraft.

We strive to achieve more reasonable restrictions on aviation without affecting the safety of the process. We believe in the individuals capability to make smart choices when it comes to their flying and that when another entity tries to make those choices in the stead of the pilot, danger is at its highest. This include less restrictions on aircraft as a whole, less regulation of mechanicle checks that are costly and encourage unregulated use of aircraft, and lower barriers of entry to aviaiton as a career and hobby.

Who do we represent?

RLSAIR is not directly connected to any one group but believes that it represents the aviation community as a whole. We are both an active political group and an important part of the aviation idealogy.

All Pilots

We represent pilots of all experience by lowering the barrier of entry for those interested in the aviation hobby. More people interested in flight means more support for other hobbyist while also benefiting working pilots by increasing the amount of money dedicated to aviation. These are simple steps that require taking. If the community will make a few strides and overcome inertia, a lot can happen.

Aviation Developers

In addition, we are proudly supported by multiple aviation companies that are interested in the growth of the aviation community as a whole. We believe that the aviation community benefits when more people are involved and for that reason we support many light aircraft manufacturers who are producing goods that are changing the landscape and allowing more pilots to begin their journey.