Private Aviation


This one is up to you! If you have experienced an issue in the world of aviation, allow us to assist in achieving your goals. We combine our expertise with your money raising capabilities to make a formidible team.

What do we do?

Aviation changes on a daily basis. Because of the rapid capability to be molded at the blink of an eye, it comes to the user to see where they can make a difference. If you have a will, and the money, we can find a way. We lobby for a wide variety of aviation related issues which allow us to have influence throughout the entirity of the aviation community.


A company purchased a private aviation jet charter card through a 3rd party. When they went to fly the first flight, they realized that they were actually flying on the brand NetJets. The thing was, the broker that they purchased the card from had lied about the marquis jet card cost. Therefore the company ended up using our service to lobby to have the name of the operator included in any aviation contract. This is still in the court system, but the results are likely to be good.