Charter Safety


Private Aviation safety has always been a hot topic. Sites like Avyron Safety have made their way by providing advanced safety options to charters and private aircraft providers.


Safety is crucial in the world of private aviation. However, some brokers get by without proper safety measures and then when things go awry, the passengers are put at risk. We believe that when passengers are involved, our policy of "Smart Decision Making" needs to be amplified to enforcement status. Passengers are the past, present, and future of aviation, and it is the communities job to protect them.


Requiring a basic licensing that shows that they have the base amount of information that is ensurant of safe flight. By teaching them the basics of flight planning, maintenance of aircrafts, the importance of staying up to date, the risk of used components, how to check if a crew is trained, and other similar events the community will be safer. We are pushing this concept to the DOT.